Toy Reviews

Toy Reviews

Transformers began as robots from different Japanese Transformers lines cobbled together under one banner and story. This section is dedicated to the reviews of the action figures that make up the Transformers universe starting from the original series all the way to the present day. In general, any reviews marked with an asterisk are reviews that still need to be added.

Generation 1 (1984-1990)
The series that started it all!

Generation 2 (1991-1995)
The successor line to Generation One chronicling the continued adventures of Optimus Prime versus Megatron complete with new characters joining the fray.

Beast Wars (1996-2001)
The line that revived Transformers in the 90's, bringing Maximals and Predacons into the spotlight.

Beast Wars Neo (1998)
A Japanese exclusive spin-off of "Beast Wars" featuring a new cast of characters including Big Convoy leading the Cybertrons versus Magmatron and his Destrons!

Machine Wars (1997)
A Kay-Bee exclusive line of vehicular Transformers released during the Beast Era.

Beast Machines (1999-2000)
The follow up line to Beast Wars, where vehicles were reintroduced into the main line of Transformers.

Car Robots (2000)
The Destrons have invaded Earth and added the powerful Destrongers to their army! Who can stop them? The Cybertrons of course1

Dinobots (2000-2003)
A section focusing on sub-lines of "Transformers" that were labeled simply "Dinobots".

Universe (2003-2007)
Consisting entirely of redecos from previous lines, Universe introduced alternate versions of popular characters along with all new characters.

Alternators (2003-2007)
The US release of the Binaltech line including figures not released in Japan.

Robotmasters (2004)
Crossing various Transformers lines, this Japanese take on "Universe" featured characters from various generations locked in combat.

Unicron Trilogy (2003-2006)
A galaxy spanning trilogy that saw the introduction of a whole new group of characters and abilities to the Transformers universe.

Timelines (2005-2016)
The exclusive line of Transformers figures distributed by Fun Publications via the official Transformers Collector's Club and Botcon convention starting in 2005.

Star Wars Transformers (2006-Present)
The merging of two classic brands has finally happened! See what happens when Star Wars vehicles transform into piloted mecha in the Star Wars universe!

Classics (2006-2007)
Generation One is reborn in the form of Classics, a line that reimagines favorite characters from the era that started it all!

Transformers Movie (2007)
Action figures based on the live action 2007 movie directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Transformers Animated (2008-2009)
A bold new look and storyline relaunches the Transformers line for new and old fans alike.

Universe 2.0 (2008-2010)
A continuation of the "Classics" line, focusing on G1 characters in new forms.

Disney Label (2009)
The world of Disney collides with the Transformers universe in this unique toy line.

Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
An ancient threat awakens on Earth and Sam's destiny comes into sharper focus as the Decepticons gather their forces for another strike!

Mighty Muggs (2009-2010)
The world of "pop" vinyl dolls and "Transformers" merge with "Mighty Muggs"!

United & United EX (2010 to 2012)
A Japanese exclusive line focused on releasing figures focused on Generation One characters largely utilizing sculpts from Classics, Reveal the Shield and Generations. United "EX" was the end of the line featuring figures from the Power Core Combiners with new colors and identities.

Robot Powered Machines (2009 to 2012)
Keeping in the spirit of toys such as Matchbox and Hot Wheels, this line focuses on the vehicular aspect of Transformers with small size and larger vehicles with lights, sounds and transformation!

Power Core Combiners (2010)
Combiners take center stage with this sub-line of Transformers featuring "Commander" figures that combine with Mini-Cons and Drone vehicles to form larger robots.

Generations (2010-Present)
Continuing the tradition started by the Classics line, old characters get reinterpreted for a new age!

Reveal the Shield (2010, 2014)
Picking up where "Generations" leaves off, this line focuses on classic characters in new forms and use of the famous "rub symbols" to show allegiance!

Dark of the Moon (2011)
Split into several sub-lines including Mech Tech, the Cyberverse and Robo Power, this section covers toys released for the "Dark of the Moon" live action movie.

Transformers Prime (2011-2014)
Based on the first CGI animated Transformers series on "The Hub" network, this toy line features many classic characters reimagined.

Rescue Bots (2011-Present)
The war with the Decepticons is over, but the Autobots still have plenty of adventures to meet with bravery!

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
Based on "The Amazing Spider-Man" feature film and the Generation One "Jumpstarter" technology, a new line of Transformers is born!

Bot Shots (2012-2013)
An action figure based game involving super deformed versions of Transformers from G1 and other series.

Age of Extinction (2014)
After the battle of Chicago, the Autobots have gone into hiding - but soon a challenge arises that forces them to battle evil once again.

Movie Advanced (2014)
A Japanese exclusive line focused on characters from the Transformers movies including "Lost Age", the Japanese release of "Age of Extinction".

Q Transformers (2014-2016)
A Japanese exclusive toy line featuring super deformed Transformers who convert to licensed vehicles.

Robots in Disguise (2015-2018)
The story begun in "Transformers Prime" continues with Bumblebee leading Autobots against a new Decepticon threat on Earth.

Transformers Adventure (2015)
The Japanese line with the "Robots in Disguise" figures at its core with add ons from other lines including "Generations" and "Animated".

The Last Knight
The fifth film in the live action franchise gets its own toy line featuring an assortment of challenge levels including the "Generations-esque" Premier Edition.

A new adventure begins as Bumblebee is on a mission to find his lost memories!